Senior Certified Consultants

Cam Anderson – President, Anderson Sabourin Consulting Inc. (ASCI): Located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, Cam has been a Certified TAIS Consultant since 1998 and has administered, interpreted and customized TAIS inventory for hundreds of clients around the globe. ASCI utilizes TAIS to help reveal and modify individual behavioral preferences in critical performance situations, including selection, teambuilding, leadership development and Executive Coaching, succession planning, business development and telephone roleplaying. Cam has a BA (Hons.) in Political Studies, Economics and History and an MBA in Organization Behavior, Strategy and Finance.


Peggy Baumgartner – Performance Coaching:  In her fifteen years with Performance Coaching, Peggy has delivered hundreds of exceptional programs to leading corporations across numerous industries.  She works extensively with the most senior level of organizations, including the executive team and often the CEO.  As an advanced level certified TAIS coach, Peggy has driven the development of Performance Coaching’s S.W.O.T. Yourself program, and has adapted the program to the needs of several major clients.


Jeff Bond: Bond Performance Consulting understands the importance of self-awareness of the key psychological characteristics associated with performance success in both business and sport environments.  The TAIS is the most commonly used psychological profile in the world of elite sport. Jeff has profiled thousands of Australian elite athletes and coaches and has used the individualised reports to develop strategies to help many Olympic and professional athletes. The TAIS has been a regular component of the AFL draft system. The profile has also been used extensively in the business world across many sectors including finance, law, IT, military, etc.


Alberto Cei:  is a licensed in Clinical Psychology living in Rome, Italy.  He has been consulting to corporations, sport professional teams and top level athletes since 1982. He works on programs to coach individuals and groups working in high stress and competitive contexts to perform to their optimal levels.   Along with Enhanced Performance Systems founded by Robert Nideffer, San Diego, USA, promotes systems in Europe to assess the attentional and interpersonal styles of top performers in business and sport, as well as individuals with thigh potential. He his the author of several books, including Mental Training, Coaching to the New Challenges, and The Shooter Mental Preparation, which present specific programs to enhance the performances in pursuing excellence in sport and business.


Peter Jensen:  Dr. Jensen has worked with Fortune 500 companies in eight countries enhancing the performance of top executives and organizations.  He has attended seven Olympic Games as a member of the Canadian Olympic Team, most recently working with the gold-medal winning Women’s Hockey Team.  He’s a top-rated instructor in seven programs at Queen’s School of Business.  Including the Queen’s Executive Leadership Program.  He is a best selling author and media personality; his work has been featured on ABC, CBS, CBC, CTV.


Al Loader – EPSystems Canada:  Al Loader has been a distributor of TAIS since 1976.  A former manager in the insurance industry, Al knows only too well the importance of reducing turn over in the work force, and of finding the right person for the right job.  Al’s experience with TAIS and the interpretation of the instrument has allowed him to be a mentor to TAIS users around the world.


Mark Lowry, Partner Winning Mind:  Dr. Lowry, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, began his professional work in the U.S. Army. He served on active duty as a psychologist for over 8 years, and was privileged to spend the entire time working in the Special Operations community. He was assigned to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Ft. Campbell and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta at Ft. Bragg. His work involved selection and assessment, training, and operational support, providing him with unparalleled exposure to the mindset of elite military leaders and operators who must find a way to get the job done under the toughest conditions.


Herb Martin Ph.D and The Peak Performance Consulting Group provide customized programs, training, products, and consulting services to individuals, businesses, and athletic teams. We have pioneered technologies and strategies that blend the application of behavioral sciences and organizational development to assist individuals and teams in reaching their maximum performance. Our core deliverables, which are supported by workbook manuals and research, are Prevention, Education and Leadership Development programs. The Peak Performance Consulting Group brings over 25 years of experience in mental health, business, collegiate and professional sports.


McFarland Strategy Partners:  As a technology CEO, business school dean, consultant and writer, Keith McFarland has provided management insight to organizations for more than 20 years. He writes a monthly online column for BusinessWeek , and is the founder of McFarland Strategy Partners, which provides strategic advisory services to companies such as Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, The Los Alamos National Laboratory, Vans, House of Blues, Motorola, and scores of middle market growth firms.


Multi-Health Systems (MHS):  MHS has been publishing the very best in psychological assessments for 30 years.  With offices in North America and Europe, and partners around the world, we serve the global community. Our assessments and services are used in clinical, educational, forensic, pharmaceutical, corporate, and research settings around the world. We also offer translation services with a worldwide network of more than 400 partners to meet the needs of specific populations.


Geoff Miller, Partner Winning Mind: Geoff Miller is responsible for development and management of sport programs and support for corporate training and teaming workshops at Winning Mind. The majority of his time is spent as the Mental Skills Coach for the Atlanta Braves organization.  In addition to MLB clients, Geoff is a resource to player agents with clients in football and basketball and provides individual coaching to amateur athletes in Southern California.


Robert M. Nideffer – Enhanced Performance Systems:  Dr. Nideffer is the author of The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory.  He has published over 100 professional articles, and is the author of twenty books including, The Inner Athlete, How to Put Anxiety Behind You, Attention Control Training, The Ethics and Practice of Applied Sport Psychology, Psyched to Win, Assessment In Sport Psychology, and an interactive multi-media, self-help, CD-Rom titled Focus for Success.  For the past 30 years Dr. Nideffer has been providing team building, selection and screening, and performance enhancement services to Olympic Training Centers, Elite Military Groups, and Major Corporations around the world.


Robin W. Pratt, Enhanced Performance Services, Raleigh, NC.  Dr. Pratt has been working with Dr. Nideffer since 1979 including writing Taking Care of Business and starting formal TAIS certification programs (1989).  He updated the decision rules and narratives for the EPS TAIS reports online.  Dr. Pratt’s background in psychology of brain function, management, and sports highlights his leadership development, executive coaching, team building, selection, and performance enhancement services for major corporations, elite athletes (NBA team), and universities.


Ron Rembisz – Rembisz & Associates:  An international consulting firm of organizational and corporate psychologists and management consultants utilizing psychological assessment and development principles to increase organizational performance through the enhancement of individual leadership and team effectiveness. We assist in executive assessment and selection, executive coaching and leadership development, team building, and in organizational development and managing change.


Marc Sagal, Managing Partner Winning Mind:  Combining an extensive background in psychology, philosophy and sport, Marc specializes in building successful teams and developing mental toughness. From 1995-2001, Marc served as Chief Operating Officer for Enhanced Performance Systems Inc., a pioneer in the development and application of psychological assessment and training tools. In 2001, he helped found Winning Mind LLC, a high-performance consulting group dedicated to helping people improve their ability to perform under pressure.


David Simpson:  Simpson Associates is a small, technically specialized management consulting firm, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The company has a broad range of resident expertise in psychometric assessment. This capability is focused in a variety of business settings which include: stand-alone assessment; project management; and operations re-structuring. Throughout the years, Simpson Associates has conducted more than 50,000 assessments.