Performing Under Pressure

Do you or your team need to be able to perform under pressure?  Are there times when you find yourself struggling to avoid becoming distracted and have difficulty staying focused on the things you need to focus on to be successful?  If so one of EPS’s assessment tools may provide the information you need to improve your concentration skills and maximize your performance, especially in high-pressure situations.

At EPS we help individuals and teams perform up to their potential by identifying steps they can take to control their emotions, minimize distractions, and focus their attention on critical performance relevant cues.  Assessment of concentration and communication skills provides the foundation for all of our programs, and it is our assessment expertise that separates us from other service providers.

EPS is the developer of The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory, and the Inventory of Concentration and Communication Skills (ICCS), and the computerized reports that are generated based on subjects scores on these inventories.

TAIS, and ICCS, are unique when compared to other psychological tests because they measure the specific concentration skills required by different performance situations. Measuring concentration skills is critical for the assessment of high level performers because once an individual has developed the skill sets necessary for success in a given performance situation, it is his or her ability to stay focused on task relevant cues, and avoid distractions, that determines success and/or who wins and who losses.

The assessment of concentration strengths allows EPS to generate a report that:

  1. Helps respondents identify the particular performance situations most likely to interfere with their performance.
  2. Helps test takers identify the changes in  behavior and in their focus of concentration that need to be made to improve performance under pressure.
  3. Provides respondents with information about some of the psychological tools and techniques they can use to gain greater control over both  emotions and focus of concentration.

Over the past 35 years TAIS has been used by certified professionals in the selection and/or training of tens of thousands of Professional and Olympic level athletes, Special Operations personnel, and business managers and executives around the world.

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