What are the similarities and differences between TAIS and the ICCS?

  • They both measure same concentration skills.
  • They both identify your concentration strengths and weaknesses (e.g., what you need to work on).
  • TAIS results are compared to those of a normative populations allowing you to see how you score in relationship to some comparison group (e.g., world champions or CEO’s).

When would I use the ICCS and when would I use TAIS?

  • If it’s important to make between person or subject comparisons (e.g., to select a person for a job or team) you want to use TAIS.
  • If your primary concern is identifying what you should work on, and/or how to play to your strengths, then the ICCS is the economical choice.

What are the costs for TAIS and taking the ICCS?

  • TAIS tends to be much more expensive than the ICCS because you have to build in the price of a professional consultation.  The price can range from $70 to over $400.00.
  • The cost for taking the ICCS is $20.00

Where can I go for Tech Support?

We attempt to respond to all technical support questions within 24 hours.  Please email:    techsupport@nideffer.com or call:  858-413-6426.

What are the benefits of taking the ICCS?

  • Identification of your concentration strengths and relative weaknesses.
  • The report provides information and instruction relative to specific steps you can take, and techniques you can use, to maximize your concentration strengths and minimize any weaknesses.

Who uses TAIS and/or the ICCS?

  • The original TAIS and it’s revisions have been used for over 30 years for both the selection and development of individuals who have to perform at the highest levels under very competitive and/or very stressful conditions.  TAIS is used at many Olympic training centers around the world for athlete development.  TAIS is used  by special operations units and police departments for both the selection and the development of personnel.  TAIS is used by corporations for the selection and development of managers at all levels.
  • The ICCS has been designed to be a self-help tool for individuals who want to maximize their concentration skills within the context of a particular performance arena (e.g., as a tennis player, or as a manager).

Who will see my results?

With the ICCS only you will see the results unless you decide to share them with others. TAIS can only be administered and interpreted through a certified professional.  That profession will see your results but is ethically bound to keep those results and his/her interaction with you confidential.