Log On to Take TAIS

Welcome to the TAIS Inventory. Upon clicking the Continue button below, a username and password will be required in order to log on and take TAIS. If you were referred to this page, your instructions would have provided you with those.

The TAIS Inventory consists of 144 items. Please allow approximately 45 minutes to complete it, although for some it might take only 20-30 minutes. Your inventory will not be timed, so you may take as much time as you actually need. However, please do your best to eliminate distractions now, before continuing, and take TAIS in one, continuous session.

Each TAIS Item describes a situation, a thought or behavior, or a general statement, to which one of five options…

Never Rarely Sometimes Frequently Always

…must be chosen. Please make the response which, with respect to the statement, you think most closely applies to you. If you think that you have never experience the situation, etc. stated, or that it has never applied to you, imagine yourself as if you have actually had the experience, and make the response that you think best applies.

Important: Do not use your browser’s “Back” button or other browser history features in your TAIS session window. Doing so, or closing the TAIS Inventory before it is finished, results in the loss of your responses. There is no resume feature… If your responses are lost, and you still need to complete a TAIS Inventory, you will have to start over from the beginning.

When you are ready to Continue, a new browser window or tab will be opened.